The Bosch Group

Educational Facilities

Ammons Middle School

Re-construction of the existing Herbert A Ammons School for Miami-Dade County Public Schools. Existing portables are to be removed and replaced with a three-story new classroom building of approximately 117,704 SF. SIZE: 117,704 SF CONSTRUCTION COST: Approx. $27,524,222.00 COMPLETION DATE: Latest Estimate revised and completed 7/21/21. Construction not yet started. […]


FIU CASA CUBA A 57,876 SF gross SF building with approximately 25,000 SF of added exterior courtyards, gardens and porches located at FIU’s Modesto A. Maidique campus in Miami, FL. This project will be a state-of-the-art center that will host public lectures, academic conferences, digital exhibits, research projects, engaging museums, […]

FIU Bridge

New Pedestrian Bridge at FIU utilizing a cable-suspension system. Features include a Bemo Standing Seam Roofing system along with Aluminum Composite Metal (ACM) Ceiling / Soffit Panels as well as two elevator towers. SIZE: 11,240 SF CONSTRUCTION COST: $15M COMPLETION DATE: Last Estimate completed 1/30/2022  CLIENT:  BCC Engineering

Cultural Center at Brighton

Place: Estonia, TallinTotal area: 120 m2Year: 2021Architect: Kurt Hegge A new cultural center for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, located in Brighton Seminole Reservation, Florida.

Cypress Bay High School

Place: Estonia, TallinTotal area: 120 m2Year: 2021Architect: Kurt Hegge The Cypress Bay High School Renovations, Repairs and Additions project is a phased renovation, repair, and addition project on an occupied campus, designed to relieve overcrowding and to provide the necessary building improvements to safely operate the school. The project features […]

Brickell World School

West Brickell School Facility and Workforce Housing A new 90,000 SF, 7-Story School Facility and Workforce Housing project in Brickell. Project included a top-level basketball court and track along with a netting system and glazing “Lantern” feature. There are ten residential apartment units with balconies. TBG provided cost estimating services […]

GGG High School

Place: Estonia, TallinTotal area: 120 m2Year: 2021Architect: Kurt Hegge A new three-story high school located in Naples, FL which includes a full-size track and field, baseball field, softball field, basketball courts, tennis courts as well as a practice field and various areas for disc-throwing and vaulting. Interiors include a theater […]

Centennial Village – University of Miami

University of Miami- Centennial Village Student Housing Towers Four Residential dormitory towers (approx. 10 floors each) with connecting bridges. Remodeling/ updating of existing site, waterfront, and another existing dormitory.  SIZE: 650,000 SF CONSTRUCTION COST: $200MM COMPLETION DATE: 10/2019 CLIENT: Zyscovich Architects