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The Bosch Group's Construction Management Consultants are experienced in all sectors of design and construction who specialize in all types of delivery methods, strategic planning, and project execution and control. TBG understands the limited time and budget that constrict construction projects, as well as the relentless push to meet deadlines. Our team also understands what it takes to deliver a reliable schedule that guides construction from day one.


We combine our construction consulting services with our knowledge of the project to enable our project managers to make highly educated decisions. The Bosch Group will work to facilitate communication with Owners and Design Consultants, Contractors, and Subcontractors. We will also provide you with critical milestone reports and project document control using industry standard software.   We leverage our considerable industry experience as well as the latest software scheduling tools in order to mitigate delays and foster successful project completion.

There are numerous unknowns at any job site, but there is one thing that you can always count on: that you will work with experienced construction management professionals that will deliver proven results with proven skills.

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We will assemble a building management team based on your needs to provide guidance in the following sectors:

  •      Contract Review and Negotiations

  •      Change Order Analysis

  •      Construction Design Reviews

  •      Staff Augmentation

  •      Bid Phase Management

  •      Cost Estimating & Evaluations

  •      Construction CPM Scheduling

  •      Productivity Analysis

  •      Value Engineering

  •      Earned Value Management

  •      Dispute Avoidance & Resolution

  •      Project Control Systems

  •      Inspection and Quality Assurance

  •      Construction & Project Training

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