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The Bosch Group is the go-to professional construction consulting firm with vast experience in construction litigation support services. Our litigation and construction mediation support practices provide a broad array of investigative, forensic and analysis services for all your construction service needs.

TBG construction litigation and mediation professionals understand both the construction industry and the legal process. This means that our team of experts can clearly communicate the technical issues of your case to address your needs.

Our ability to support and resolve construction litigation needs of our clients includes to following services: 


  •      Litigation Consulting Experts

  •      Discovery Support

  •      Code and Specification Compliance Assessment

  •      Expert Witness Testimony

  •      Construction Deficiency reviews and Statute 558             claims

  •      International Construction Experts

  •      Failure Analysis and Resolution

  •      Mediation and Arbitration Support

  •      Field Investigation

  •      Design First-cost and Betterment Analysis 

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