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The Bosch Group scheduling team members are some of the most experienced project controls professionals in the industry. Our industry knowledge allows us to plan our client’s entire project from day one, to accurately allocate required resources and anticipate risks before they occur. Our schedulers utilize the best industry principles of critical path method (CPM) scheduling in order to produce reliable, achievable timelines and help project managers deliver their projects both on time and budget.

The exhaustive complexity of construction projects calls for in-depth knowledge of project planning to develop efficient and effective schedules. We provide project support throughout planning, scheduling, and, if needed, dispute resolution.


  •     Cost & Resource Loading Estimation

  •     Critical Path Method (CPM) Schedule Preparation, Monitoring, & Updating

  •     Master Schedule Integration

  •     Master Schedule Management

  •     Pre-Bid Phasing Studies Preparation

  •     Recovery Schedule Preparation

  •     Schedule Monitoring & Review

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